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We are INCO Security, a respected supplier and consultant specialising in high-end safety and security protection products and services for businesses large and small. INCO Security works alongside trusted and experienced partners across the UK, providing workable, competitive solutions designed to protect and secure your valuable business assets and environment.

Our experience is our strength

INCO Security is a leading supplier of specialist security services and safety systems designed to protect your business environment, technology, communications, data and software, AV equipment and other crucial assets.
INCO Security has over 20 years’ experience in the supplying of high performance security solutions that keep on working. Our overriding aim is always to minimise your downtime and maximise your business efficiency.

24/7 protection and security

Supported by a network of trusted partners, we aim to provide robust safety solutions and professional implementation tailored around your individual business requirements, backed up with exceptional customer support, quick response times and technical advice.
Our focus is on designing systems and recommending products that protect our customer’s assets and people, giving them peace of mind that their working and business environments are fully protected 24/7.

21st Century security is
a massive issue for businesses

When we start working with businesses most of them tell us that they are less than happy with their existing safety systems when it comes to protection of their technology, data and multimedia equipment. Many say they feel vulnerable having directly experienced the disruption and aftermath of a computer theft or office break-in.
Theft, unwanted intruders, fire, loss of equipment, data compromises and many other related issues greatly impact on your ability to fulfil orders, rise to customer expectations and maintain productivity levels.

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