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Adjustable Desktop Computer Security Cages

Security and flexibility: the PC security cage that you adjust.

Our unique 460 series of adjustable desktop computer security cages delivers 24 hour security and long term flexibility. No need to buy a new cage when you change your PC: simply adjust the security cage to fit.

Ideal for everyday office use

While the adjustable desktop PC security cage's open front makes it ideal for offices, where staff need access to CD and floppy drives, the all-steel construction and seven lever locking system prevent theft, accidental damage and tampering. Turn it on its side and the security cage is ideal for mini-tower PCs.

Bolted to the floor, wall or desk, the adjustable desktop security cage protects your most vulnerable PCs and is recommended by all UK police forces and major insurance companies.

Adjustable desktop security cage features

  • Unique: fully adjustable to suit most desktop computers and even mini-towers.
  • 24 hour protection from theft, tampering and accidental damage.
  • No effect on everyday computer use.
  • Bolts securely to floor, wall or desk.
  • Manufactured from high quality power-coated steel.
  • One key to suit all your cages, on request.

Adjustable Desktop Computer Security Cages
Model Number Description Computer Size Range (mm) Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)
Min / Max
Min / Max
Min / Max
Width Depth Height
460/1AFully adjustable240 - 395220 - 50062 - 110PC + 62As PCPC + 62
460/1Fully adjustable240 - 395295 - 60062 - 110PC + 62As PCPC + 62
460/2Fully adjustable300 - 515355 - 700100 - 180PC + 62As PCPC + 62
460/3Fully adjustable350 - 600355 - 700180 - 260PC + 62As PCPC + 62
360/1Fully adjustable push button (Quick Release)210 - 365220 - 50060 - 100PC + 62As PCPC + 62
360/2Fully adjustable push button (Quick Release)275 - 500355 - 700100 - 185PC + 62As PCPC + 62

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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