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Apple iPad Security Device

 Apple iPad Security Device

Aesthetic Security Solution for Apple iPad1 and iPad2

The Apple iPad is the most revolutionary tablet computer on the market, making it extremely desirable to thieves. Due to its compact size, this valuable computer can be stolen in seconds.

The Apple iPad security device allows the end user to lock off the Apple iPad, while still being able to fully rotate the iPad. By locking the Apple iPad using the Apple iPad Security Device, it allows the end user to experience what the iPad was designed for, a "fully mobile solution".

The light weight yet secure mount can easily be attached to a number for locking points, making it ideal for office, cooporate displays and the education market.

Apple iPad Security Device features

  • Aesthetic security Harness for the Apple iPad1 and iPad2.
  • Easy to use and lightweight.
  • Foam lining protects the Apple iPad from marking.
  • Allows full rotation, when secured.
  • 2m cable allows end user plenty of movement.
  • 30mm padlock comes keyed alike as standard.
  • 30mm padlock available keyed differ if required.
  • Additional anchor point can be supplied.
  • Longer cable lengths available on request.

Security Options for Apple iPad
Model Number Description
INC-iPad1Apple iPad Security Device for the Apple iPad1.
INC-iPad2Apple iPad Security Device for the Apple iPad2.

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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