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Apple Mac Computer Security

24x7 protection for your Apple Mac Computers

Apple's high value hardware is increasingly popular, providing an ideal target for thieves. Our range of Apple Mac computer security entrapments deliver 24x7 protection from theft. There's no effect on everyday computer use and you get peace of mind, knowing your Apple hardware is secure.

Apple G5, G4 and G3 tower computer security

Designed specifically for Apple G5, G4 and G3 towers, our Apple Mac computer security cages are constructed from solid steel and bolt securely to the floor or a desk. A seven lever locking system ensures only key holders have access to your hardware.

  • Fully adjustable: ideal for G5, G4 and G3 towers computers.
  • Your choice of colour: grey, ivory or silver.
  • 24x7 protection against theft and tampering.
  • No effect on everyday computer use.
  • Bolts securely to floor or desk.

Security Options for Apple G3, G4, G5
Model Number Description Approx. Overall Dimensions (mm)
Width Depth Height
439/AFully adjustable suitable for G3 and G4 Apple MacApple Mac + 62As G3/G4Apple Mac + 62
439/BFully adjustable suitable for G5 Apple MacPC + 62As PCPC + 62

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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