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 Apple Mac Pro - Security Plate

Apple Mac Pro - Security Plate

The Apple Mac Pro, because of its high price and very high resale price is one of the most sought after computer by the thieves.

Apple Mac Pro Security plate is very effective security device for securing the Apple Mac Pro. Professionally designed with aesthetic looks this Apple Mac Pro Security Plate offers a highly secure solution.

The Apple Mac Pro Security plate is good looking, pleasing to the eye and does not spoil the look of the Apple Mac Pro while fully protecting it. It does not allow unauthorised access to the internal ports. The mouse, keyboard and the other cables can also be protected at the rear of the unit. Also there is an optional rear-casing padlock which can be provided to prevent unauthorised access to the valuable internal components, and an optional heavy-duty security cable can be added on either side of the unit to secure the LCD Cinema Display.

The Apple Mac Pro Security Plate is constructed using 3mm heavy gauge steel and can be bolted to the desk or floor. All units come with a high-security anti-tamper and anti-drill block lock.

Features of the Apple Mac Pro Security Plate

  • Professionally designed with aesthetic looks.
  • Easy to install and cost effective security solution.
  • Can be fitted to floor or desk via fixing holes.
  • High security anti-tamper and anti-drill lock.
  • Key alike option available.
  • Optional heavy duty security cable to protect the monitor.
  • Optional 30mm rear-casing padlock to lock chassis side panel.
  • Secures keyboard, mouse and power cables.
Security Options for Apple Mac Pro - Security Plate
Model Number Description
INC-Mac-PlateSecurity Plate for Apple Mac Pro.

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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