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Archive: August, 2019

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Are school photographs and videos covered under the GDPR Regulations?

Taking photographs and videos in school is an increasingly sensitive subject. So what does a school need to do when assessing whether they can or they can’t use images and/or videos of their pupils?

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What the Law says about use of CCTV cameras in schools?

Schools across the UK are now using CCTV cameras on campus to prevent unauthorised access, to monitor the behaviour and to prevent serious incidents. The feedback is good with teachers and pupils saying they feel safer. But what is the official line on the placement of surveillance cameras in schools?

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Hardware security is a big concern for businesses

With the increase in popularity of portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, businesses must not overlook the need for adequate protection when it comes to hardware security.

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What is a Safeguarding audit?

Safeguarding is a big topic at the moment so it’s important that schools and education providers have a handle on how effective their response/policy is when it comes to ensuring compliance with current Legislation. One way of ensuring your policy/procedures move with you as you move on is to conduct a Safeguarding audit.

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How safe is your data?

Cyber attacks are now a way of life and they are getting more sophisticated each year. Businesses must respond by maintaining a robust cyber protection framework that prevents, protects and enforces high standards of security across their online data networks and other hot spots.

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Why you need to bother about GDPR?

You’ve probably read a lot about GDPR since it became law on 25 May 2018. You will have also noted that that the Regulation applies to all EU member states. So what happens after the UK exits the EU?


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