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Are school photographs and videos covered under the GDPR Regulations?

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Taking photographs and videos in school is an increasingly sensitive subject. So what does a school need to do when assessing whether they can or they can’t use images and/or videos of their pupils?

As personal data, the use of photographs is governed by GDPR

With the advent of GDPR, Safeguarding and the wider sharing of images on different online platforms, etc schools and other education providers need to be very clear of their responsibilities when taking, managing, storing and using images and videos of their education community.

Schools use photography and videos for many different reasons, of course, ie: for ID/record-keeping purposes, promotion, etc. One of the key issues when enforcing the GDPR Regulations revolves around raising awareness of the need for data protection and data consent so that the entire community is on board and ready to respond.

To help schools respond and to establish a detailed policy on the use of images, the DfE has produced formal guidance.

Download it here:

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