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Getting to grips with Safeguarding

blog inco security getting to grips with safeguarding

Are your Safeguarding measures robust enough? This is a huge issue for any organisation whether you’re a school, church, sports body, the NHS, aid agency etc.

The fact is Safeguarding affects everyone in our society, and we all have a part to play in ensuring that the children, young people and vulnerable adults that we work and learn with are appropriately protected and empowered in our care.

INCO works alongside businesses, schools and organisations that want to review and strengthen their Safeguarding strategy, policy and systems to ensure that they continue to comply with their statutory obligations.

Protecting children/people and Safeguarding responsibilities ought to be a management/governance priority

Did you know that Safeguarding policies should be reviewed and updated at least annually, but potentially more often to account for changes in guidance/legislation?

Are you confident that you still comply? Why not arrange a Safeguarding audit with one of our consultants?

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