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Hardware security is a big concern for businesses

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With the increase in popularity of portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, businesses must not overlook the need for adequate protection when it comes to hardware security.

Businesses need ongoing, front-end access to their technology and equipment if they are to avoid unnecessary interference with day-to-day routines. That means hardware, software and data needs to be appropriately managed and protected 24/7.

Security is a big concern for businesses

Laptop theft is a particular concern as businesses and individuals rely on them to support their mobile workers. If you have been in the position of having your laptop stolen either from your office or on the move, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to carry on working, communicate with colleagues, access data, etc.

By investing in a simple security mount, bracket, full-proof cabling for the office, or a portable security solution to keep you safe on the go, you can deter thieves, maintain your productivity and go about your business with confidence.

INCO Security provides a wide range of security solutions for laptops, tablets and portable devices. Contact us for further information.

INCO Security is a leading supplier of specialist security services and safety systems designed to protect your business environment, technology, communications, data and software, AV equipment and other crucial assets. We have over 20 years’ experience of supplying high-performance security solutions that keep on working. Our overriding aim is always to minimise your downtime and maximise your business efficiency.



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