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How safe is your data?

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Cyber attacks are now a way of life and they are getting more sophisticated each year. Businesses must respond by maintaining a robust cyber protection framework that prevents, protects and enforces high standards of security across their online data networks and other hot spots.

Nearly half (43%) of all UK businesses have reported cybersecurity breaches in the past 12 months

The impact of cyber attacks on your business can be significant. It can cripple your productivity, lead to website and system corruption, lost files, software and hit you hard financially. When sensitive data is stolen and negligence is proven, this has much deeper, legal implications that can lead to substantial fines and even criminal proceedings. The fact is businesses need to be agile and ready for an attack – no business, however small, is safe.

The first step in ensuring that your Cyber Security measures are adequate is to conduct an audit. This will identify your sensitive points, review the effectiveness of your current systems and make recommendations about future improvements.

Want to organise a cyber audit with INCO?

INCO Security is a leading supplier of specialist security services and safety systems designed to protect your business environment, technology, communications, data and software, AV equipment and other crucial assets. We have over 20 years’ experience of supplying high-performance security solutions that keep on working. Our overriding aim is always to minimise your downtime and maximise your business efficiency.



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