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Is your computer hardware fully protected?

blog inco security computer hardware fully protected

Too frequently it takes a break in or costly theft to find out that your AV equipment/computer hardware was not as safe and secure as it could have been. Whilst you can make a claim on your insurance, this will cost, take up valuable time and probably result in your insurance premium being bumped up when you renew.

Businesses spend millions of pounds on anti-virus software and online data management systems etc, but only a small majority are investing in the physical protection of their computer/AV hardware. Equipment theft can be just as costly for your business and cause major disturbance to daily routines and productivity levels.

With more sensitive information now being stored on portable digital devices, it’s imperative that you protect your data and your equipment from theft.

From simple brackets fitted with anti-tamper/anti-drill devices to cages and secure mounts, this type of protection can provide a visual, as well as a physical deterrent on a 24/7 basis.

Have you done a recent audit of your hardware/equipment security? For a small investment, you could save your business an awful lot of time, money and unwanted headaches!

INCO Security is a leading supplier of specialist security services and safety systems designed to protect your business environment, technology, communications, data and software, AV equipment and other crucial assets. We have over 20 years’ experience of supplying high-performance security solutions that keep on working. Our overriding aim is always to minimise your downtime and maximise your business efficiency.


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