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What the Law says about use of CCTV cameras in schools?

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Schools across the UK are now using CCTV cameras on campus to prevent unauthorised access, to monitor the behaviour and to prevent serious incidents. The feedback is good with teachers and pupils saying they feel safer. But what is the official line on the placement of surveillance cameras in schools?

Under the Data Protection Act (and GDPR), schools are required to tell pupils/parents where cameras have been installed and for what purpose the images and sounds captured on them are being used.

It’s unrealistic in this day and age to expect schools to generally dismiss the use of CCTV as part of their Safeguarding measures. It’s relatively easy to install, low cost and many feel highly effective as a visual deterrent. However, it’s use in sensitive areas such as classrooms, toilets and changing rooms is a difficult one.

The Education Union wants all local authorities (LAs, MATs etc) to have clear guidance for the use of school-based surveillance CCTV and to clearly enforce these requirements across their school community. That will mean that schools have to operate and maintain cameras in line with official guidance and be prepared to be monitored.

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