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Why should schools have CCTV?

blog inco security why should schools have CCTV

Whilst there are different opinions about where CCTV cameras should be placed within a school environment, most educators believe that video surveillance helps to keep children safe during school hours.

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting children in school.

CCTV is now an established part of the education world

The use of CCTV/video surveillance is now forming a key part of more and more safeguarding policies. Why? It helps schools, colleges and universities to reduce incidences of crime, to improve accountability, to discourage bullying and inappropriate/anti-social behaviour and unauthorised access into sensitive areas.

CCTV also provides reliable visual evidence in the event of an incident or accident occurring, in support of claims made by students, teachers or visitors into school.

When parents send their children to school, they want and expect staff to do everything that they can to ensure that they are kept safe and well throughout the day. A professionally installed CCTV system can achieve this and give educators the peace of mind that they are doing all they can to create a safer environment for everyone.

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