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Why you need to bother about GDPR?

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You’ve probably read a lot about GDPR since it became Law on 25 May, 2018. You will have also noted that that the Regulation applies to all EU member states. So what happens after the UK exits the EU?

In simple terms, GDPR aims to give people greater power over how their data is used, but it also makes companies more accountable in terms of how they manage this data. GDPR exists to prevent data misuse and those found to be non-compliant will face significant penalties.

But with the UK leaving the EU does it really matter if your business spends time, money and effort on adapting its data management systems and procedures?

Whilst there are many uncertainties about what will happen when we leave the EU, the Regulation will apply post-Brexit as it not only affects businesses in EU member states but those countries with EU citizens as customers. It has an extraterritorial effect, so non-EU countries are affected. The UK’s 2018 Data Protection Act is almost identical to GDPR anyway so that when we leave there won’t be a huge shift in Law, resulting in costly policy change. In short, even though we intend to leave, businesses will still have to comply.

Is your business compliant? Why not get one of our GDPR consultants to conduct an audit to make absolutely sure. Interested? Contact us.

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