Close Protection

In cooperation with our network of partners, close protection operatives and teams have been deployed across the UK and overseas in line with operational requirements. Highly experienced close protection operatives (CPOs) are fully licensed and meet the criteria of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). From personal monitoring and protection to property surveillance and 24/7 bodyguard services for high-net-worth people, their families and celebrities – at home and on the move, the focus is always on exceptional professionalism and discretion.

Our world suffers from increasingly complex security concerns and issues, so it’s important that you, and the people that matter to you, have the confidence and support that they need to go about their everyday lives without feeling threatened or unsafe.

Responsive security teams and experienced close protection officers are close by should a situation arise

Whether you regularly travel overseas, work in a complex or high-risk location, or wish to protect a complete operating environment 24/7, we can provide immediate, personal and group protection, discreet bodyguard services, help to identify and mitigate risk, develop procedures for emergency and logistical planning, crisis management, undertake property surveillance, etc.

Assessing circumstances, managing operating environments and providing best advice and support

Effective close protection experience needs to be built up over time as a consequence of working in different and demanding environments. The network that we work with is, therefore, well placed to advise, support and protect you however bespoke and demanding your situation or environment might be.

Higher levels of personal protection – 24/7

Due to specific threats that might have been made or your area of operation, sometimes a higher level of protection might be required. Talk to us about your needs and an effective security solution will be found.

Qualified CPOs and guards – wherever you are, whatever the situation our services include:

  • Travel Risk Management
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Discreet Close Protection (for groups, events and individuals)
  • Property Surveillance (residential estates/office security)
  • Security Drivers
  • Security Logistics and Planning
  • Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Higher Level Close Protection Teams/Officers (CPOs)

A leading supplier of
specialist security services and safety systems.

INCO Security is a leading supplier of specialist security services and safety systems designed to protect you, your business environment, technology, communications, data and software, AV equipment and other crucial assets. We have a wide experience of supplying high performance security solutions that keep on working. Our overriding aim is always to minimise your downtime and maximise your business efficiency.

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