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INCOSafe Desktop Computer Security Cages

24 hour security for your desktop PCs.

Desktop PC security is at risk in every home and office. On view and easily stolen, desktop PCs are a prime target for the opportunist and professional thief. With our all-steel desktop PC security cages, you can enjoy 24 hour protection and peace of mind.

Our full range of desktop computer security cages includes security cages specifically designed for everyday use, total enclosure, confined areas and smaller budgets.

Desktop PC security designed for your environment

Our desktop PC security cages are ideal for any working environment. You choose what access PC users have, from an open front to total enclosure. Simply bolt to the floor, or desk, then enjoy the security of our seven lever locking system and robust steel construction.

Either choose from our desktop PC security cages in the table below, or contact our sales department to find out which model will suit your machine.

Enhance your PC security solution

To boost the excellent security, we've created a series of INCOSafe Computer Security Cage Accessories.

You may like to contact us to find out how we can solve your specific problem. Whatever you need - sound proofing for quiet environments, dust proofing for factories and workshops, custom finishes or restricted access to disk drives - we will create desktop PC security cages that exactly meets your needs.

INCOSafe Desktop PC Security Cages
Code Internal External
Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
Desk-05 SP465500185500580210
Desk-06 Plus390430130425510155
Desk-06 Plus Extra490430130525510155
All measurements, Width, Depth & Height are in millimeters.

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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