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About INCO Computer & AV Security

Solving all your physical Computer & AV security needs.

INCO Computer Security, is one of the UK's leading providers of physical Computer & AV security devices. Since 1998, we've delivered market-leading PC and AV anti-theft solutions to the education, commercial and health sectors.

We employ the latest computerised design and build techniques, with highly skilled expert designers and engineers creating the unique and innovative solutions to both common and one-off security problems. With our innovative Computer & AV security product range, you benefit from the highest quality design.

Our Computer & AV security product range

We're proud of our wide, comprehensive range of PC and AV security solutions. Easy to install and use, our wide range of computer security devices have been recommended by major UK insurance companies and police forces. Bolted to the floor or a desk, our computer security cages are available for all sizes and forms of computer, including desktop, tower, server, apple mac, laptop, projectors, printers, flat screen monitors and plasma screens. Our range of stylish security desks completes the range, for complete peace of mind.

We can develop Computer & AV security cages for specialist purposes such as equipment with large and unusual dimensions. We currently supply custom-built security devices to a number of leading Computer & AV hardware manufactures and suppliers. From fully enclosed to open access our PC & AV anti-theft devices offer 24x7 security to the ideal level for your equipment, even if your alarm and other security systems let you down.

Protecting people like you

Our anti-theft Computer & AV security devices protect the hardware of many types of organisations, including:

  • Universities.
  • Borough councils.
  • Libraries.
  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • GP surgeries.
  • Private companies.
  • Banks.
  • Major retail chains.

Whether you are a home user, small business or large organisation, our Computer & AV security devices deliver unrivalled protection for your Computer & AV hardware.

Our full range of Computer & AV security devices is ideal for all budgets and all types of Computer & AV equipment and situation, including:

  • Desktop and towers PCs.
  • Confined areas.
  • Low budgets.
  • Total enclosure cages.
  • Fully adjustable cages.
  • Servers and mid-range computers (e.g. IBM AS400/iSeries).
  • Apple Mac G5, G4 and G3 towers and iMacs.
  • Laptop security solutions.
  • LCD and plasma screens.
  • Projectors.
  • Printers and other peripherals.
  • Stylish secure desks, ideal for attaching computer security cages.
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