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 iPad Security Trolley

iPad Security Trolley

Trolley designed for securing, storing and recharging iPads/Tablets

The iPad Security Trolley is specifically designed and developed for storing and recharging iPads. It is suitable for both iPad1, iPad2 and can store 16, 20 or 32 iPads or similar sized tablet PCs.

The iPad Security Trolley holds the iPads in a high density foam on shelves which are fully extendable. All iPads are integrated with their own plug socket so that each iPad/tablet can be recharged whilst not in use.

The security trolley features a safety power uncoupling system to avoid the risks to power supply unit if the trolley is moved too far from the power supply whilst still connected.

iPad Security Trolley features

  • Integral CE compliant electrics.
  • Mains cable with RCD safety unit.
  • Available in three sizes, to store 16, 20 and 32 iPad/tablets.
  • Suitable for both iPad 1, iPad 2 and similar sized tablet PCs.
  • Lockable back door allows access to charging units.
  • Fully vented to prvent overheating.
Apple iPad Security Trolley Range
Model Number Description
INC-iPad-16Security Trolley to store up to 16 iPads
(1 drawer with 16 iPads per drawer)
INC-iPad-20Security Trolley to secure up to 20 iPads
(1 drawer 20 iPads per drawer)
INC-iPad-32Security Trolley to store up to 32 iPads
(2 drawer x 16 iPads per unit)

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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