Implementing effective safeguarding measures can prove to be a challenge for many organisations be its academic institutions, insurance and risk management businesses, overseas aid agencies, charities, Sports Associations, faith/religious organisations, etc. In conjunction with our safeguarding partners, we provide a range of specialist consultancy services designed to underpin your safeguarding and protection responsibilities, providing a robust framework for effective delivery, accountability and review.

Our consultants have over 30 years’ experience of providing safeguarding services to businesses and organisations across the UK and internationally

In conjunction with our partners, we design and deliver effective safeguarding frameworks in line with our customers’ requirements. This involves reviewing, planning, organising, implementing and monitoring the procedures and policies in place that safeguard and protect the children, young people and vulnerable adults that they serve.


Whether you’re new to safeguarding or have an existing culture of existing procedures and in-house expertise, we aim to help you build, or help strengthen your existing framework protecting the most vulnerable of settings and individuals.

The focus is on working collaboratively with your existing safeguarding staff and other stakeholders leading to cooperation, accountability and responsibility throughout the process.

4-key thematic strands that deliver a robust
and accountable safeguarding framework

Risk Management - Our safeguarding consultants can help you to develop a framework of assessment and procedures that identify and respond to threats, risk and potential harm/abuse, leading to a planned, protective response and positive organisation-wide culture that promotes prevention and preparedness.
Policy Development - We can help you to define, review and/or develop your Safeguarding Vision, Mission, Strategy and Policy documentation following a detailed analysis of your operations, future aspirations and ongoing requirements. This is designed to lead to embedded policy and cultural transformation across your organisation.
Operational Delivery - Our consultants can help direct your strategy and organisational policy so that clear parameters exist in relation to developing safer recruitment processes, training, information sharing and effective responses to disclosure of exploitation and abuse. This ensures that safeguarding is at the core of all of your operations and services.
Cultural Growth - Safer policies, operational delivery and risk management need to be underpinned by a set of principles or Code of Conduct that reflects culture, expectations and safeguarding requirements. We can help with staff motivation, understanding, training and the ongoing review, evaluation and audit of your safeguarding compliance.

International and UK-wide safeguarding experience over 3 decades

Our consultants have worked with both UK and overseas organisations including:

  • International aid and development agencies
  • Schools, colleges and other learning providers
  • Insurance industry
  • Faith-based organisations
  • Sporting Associations and major event organisers

Do you have a safeguarding issue we can help with?

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