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Apple iMac Secure Clamp

 Apple iMac computer security - Secure Clamp

Professional yet Aesthetic looking security solution for Apple iMacs

The latest Apple iMac Secure Clamp offers the end user a professional yet aesthetic looking solution to secure the Apple iMac computers.

Using a male and female 4mm thick steel disc either side of the hole in the Apple iMac stand, a 9mm thick cable is used to tether the discs together. While at the other end a loop generator and keyed alike 50mm padlock are supplied to lock down to a secure fixing point. Other fixing points are available such as eyebolts that can be used to lock the cable down.

Apple iMac Secure Clamp features

  • Cost effective aesthetic security solution for Apple iMacs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Allows full movement of Apple iMac.
  • Comes with keyed alike 50mm shackeless packlock.
  • Made in the UK out of 4mm steel.
  • Solution fully reusable.
Options for Apple iMac Secure Clamp
Model Number Description
INC-IMAC-CLAMPSecurity Clamp for Apple iMacs.

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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