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LPCB Approved Projector Security Cages

New, Strong and Versatile protection for most slim-line projectors

Our strong, versatile, slim-line projector security cages are ideal for almost all modern slim-line projectors. Designed to accommodate both wide and narrow projectors, the slim-line project security cage is fully flexible thanks to adaptable, movable panels. Bolted in your chosen position, the movable panels leave controls, fans and connection panels accessible, for unimpeded projector use.

Desk, trolley or ceiling mounted, the slim-line projector security cage can be positioned however you need. Whilst ceiling mounted, a ball fixing mechanism allows for tilt and swivel in any direction.

LPCB approved projector security cage features

  • Desk, trolley or ceiling mounted.
  • Universal design to accommodate most smaller projectors.
  • Movable panels for unimpeded use of the projector.
  • Prevents theft, tampering and accidental damage.
  • High quality finish.

LPCB Approved Projector Security Entrapment Range
Model Number Description
140/3LPCB Approved Cage for Projectors Up To 333mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 75mm(h)
140/4LPCB Approved Cage for Projectors Up To 327mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 100mm(h)
140/5LPCB Approved Cage for Projectors Up To 370mm(w) x 295mm(d) x 125mm(h)
140/6LPCB Approved Cage for Projectors Up To 411mm(w) x 345mm(d) x 150mm(h)

We have ready-made security cages for projectors from manufacturers including Hitachi, Liesegang, Panasonic, Note Vision, Canon, Eiki, NEC, ASK, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Epson, Philips, Sony and Sahara. For made to measure projector security cages we require the loan of the projector you wish to protect. Alternatively, our universal projector cage is an ideal solution for most models of projector.

Please note: ceiling mounting requires a two inch diameter security pole, with a minimum usable length of 75 mm.

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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