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Slim & Lite Projector Security Cages

Lightweight yet still a secure projector security cage

INCO's new slim and lightweight yet secure projector security cage fits most of the projectors. While providing security it still retains full functionality. It comes in 4 different sizes and will hold the majority of projector types.

The projector security cage is simple in design and easy to fit. It carries a number of cutouts on each side facilitating to accomodate various cabling and lens positions available in the market. Its reversible locking bar is fitted with drill resistant push locks and secures both the removable mouting plate and the projectors. The projector security cage carries three fixing positions on top and two on the base which accept the locking bar, and thus provides a number of fixing positions. The cage and the projector are both well ventilated, and comes in standard dark grey finish although silver, white and black colours are also available as specials.

Slim & Lite Projector Security Cage features

  • Universal design to accommodate most of the projectors.
  • Economic solution.
  • Lightwight yet still secure.
  • Drill resistant locks.
  • 45 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation.
  • Micro Adjustment Thumbscrews.

Slim & Line Projector Security Entrapment Range
Model Number Description
INCO Slim&Lite-3Slim & Lite Projector Cage for projectors up to (W)355-420mm x (D)310-330mm x (H)90-125mm
INCO Slim&Lite-4Slim & Lite Projector Cage for projectors up to (W)355-420mm x (D)310-330mm x (H)115-150mm
INCO Slim&Lite-5Slim & Lite Projector Cage for projectors up to (W)385-450mm x (D)365-385mm x (H)140-175mm
INCO Slim&Lite-6Slim & Lite Projector Cage for projectors up to (W)435-500mm x (D)410-430mm x (H)165-200mm

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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