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Universal Retro-fit Projector Security Clamp

Cost effective and completely re-usable solution

Our universal retro-fit projector security clamp is suitable for the protection of existing ceiling mounted projectors. This projector security clamp is suitable for most projector sizes and is designed to be a completely re-usable and future proof.

An easy to use push lock system holds the arms together and is housed in the lock housing body. Further 11mm heavy duty security steel cable can be added to prevent the system from being pulled from the ceiling. The security cable is attached to the ceiling by means of anchor. A shakleless padlock secures the other end of the cable by anchoring it to the lock housing body.

Universal retro-fit projector security clamp features

  • Universal solution to fit most projectors.
  • Retro-fit to any pole system.
  • Light weight at only 3.5kg and easy to install.
  • Cost effective and completely re-usable.
  • Easy to install with push button lock.
  • Can be tethered to ceiling with cable-IT cable system.
  • 3 clamp arm sizes available to take projectors up to 115mm or 150mm height.
  • Allows full ventilation and cable access.
Universal Retro-fit Projector Security Clamp
Model Number Description
INC-Clamp-RUniversal Retro-fit Projector Security Clamp to fit most projectors

Please Contact Us for prices. Generous discounts available for volume orders.

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